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Health Coach Sachi

Get Comprehensive Health and Nutrition Coaching Services

Health Coach Sachi in Bellevue, Washington offers comprehensive health and nutrition coaching services that are customized to your needs. We offer a variety of programs that you can choose from.

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Customized Health and Nutrition Coaching Services 

If you have tried all types of diets but feel unsuccessful in achieving your health goals, you can count on Health Coach Sachi in Bellevue, Washington. Established in 2020, our health and nutrition coaching program offers services that can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure optimum results. Our certified health and nutrition coach will work with you and provide you with the support you need every step of the way.

Programs Description

Initial Consultation – US$100

In an initial consultation of 60 minutes, we will dig into your current health concerns and symptoms, health history, and review your food journal. You will receive an assessment of your situation, and we will create goals based on your needs. You will leave with recommendations to help you start making changes immediately. This session can be scheduled as an individual meeting, but follow-ups are recommended for optimal success. We will work together from your goals to create a program that is right for you. Check out the package below.

This can also be used for a one-off session for an hour.

3-Month Program – US$1000  

This package includes an initial intake session for 60 minutes with five follow-up sessions for 30 minutes each, every two weeks. It also includes unlimited email support.

Working together over a period of time allow us to dig in deeper. We will spend time finding the root cause of your imbalance, relieving symptoms, and creating new habits. We will discuss lifestyle choices to support optimal health and focus on education so that you walk away from our time together ready to help yourself. The program will be tailored to your unique conditions and circumstances.

Three months allows us time to dig into any stubborn symptoms or bad habits and make sustainable changes. Plus, accountability is built-in with consistent follow-ups!

6-Month Program – US$2300 

This package includes working together for a six-month program as we know it’s not easy to break habits and develop a new one. This package will help the clients to break free from the old ones and make a lifestyle change forever that complements their health goals. Unlimited email and message support are provided.

Follow-Up Session – US$135 (45 Minutes for Current Clients Only) 

A follow-up session can be used to review your symptoms, goals, successes, and where you need additional support. We will refine recommendations based on what is working for you (and change recommendations that aren’t working for you!). Follow-ups can be used to check in every couple of weeks or occasionally to get back on track. Unlimited email support is included.

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